Case Studies

Derm Dude™ Case Study

Company/Brand Name: 
Derm Dude™ |  Beard, Tattoo & Mens Skincare Products 


Shopify Mgmt. SEO, Digital Marketing

Project Start Date:
Jan 2022

SEO Focused Web Design, Web Development, Local SEO + Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation 

DermDude is a new skincare brand that offers a range of all-natural and organic products for men. The brand’s website was launched in October 2021 on Shopify, but it struggled to gain visibility and attract organic traffic from search engines. In January 2022, DermDude hired Kevin Stewart of Pivotal Point Marketing to improve their SEO and boost their online presence.

Pivotal Point Marketing’s primary goal was to increase DermDude’s organic search visibility, attract more qualified traffic to the site, and ultimately drive more sales. The specific objectives included:
  • Improve the site’s keyword rankings for relevant search terms
  • Increase organic search impressions and clicks
  • Improve the site’s overall search engine visibility and authority

Pivotal Point Marketing started with a comprehensive SEO audit of DermDude’s website to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth. Based on the audit findings, they developed a customized SEO strategy that included the following tactics:

  • Conducting extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for DermDude’s target audience
  • Optimizing the site’s on-page elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and content, to target the identified keywords and improve relevance and user experience
  • Building high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites to boost the site’s domain authority and search engine rankings
  • Created on-site blog (Dude-Cave), generate blog topics, managed content creation and optimize blog content to target long-tail keywords and provide value to DermDude’s target audience
  • Setting up GSC and other paid tracking tools to track efforts and provide detailed weekly reporting.
Pivotal Point Marketing implemented the SEO strategy in phases, tracking and analyzing the results along the way to fine-tune their approach and maximize results.
After just one year of working with Pivotal Point Marketing, DermDude achieved significant improvements in their SEO metrics and continue to be one of our loyal clients:
  • The site’s keyword rankings increased from 54 to over 11,000, including many top 10 rankings for highly competitive terms
  • The site’s daily organic search impressions increased from 100 to 50,000, a 50,000% increase
  • The site’s average daily organic clicks increased from 3 to  now over 1,000 daily, a 33,233% increase
  • The site’s domain authority and search engine visibility improved significantly, leading to increased brand awareness and customer engagement

Through a data-driven and comprehensive SEO strategy, Pivotal Point Marketing was able to help DermDude achieve significant growth in their online presence and search engine visibility. By identifying and targeting the right keywords, optimizing the site’s on-page elements and content, and building high-quality backlinks, Pivotal Point Marketing helped DermDude reach more potential customers and drive more sales. Today, DermDude continues to work with Pivotal Point Marketing to maintain and improve their SEO performance and overall online success.

Eventsfy Case Study

Company/Brand Name: 


Directory listing platform providing access to details of local events across the United States

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management is a Seattle based company with a website that provides a platform for discovering and promoting events across the United States. The website allows users to browse through a variety of events, including music concerts, festivals, comedy shows, sports events, theater performances, and other live entertainment options. Users can search for events by location, date, category, or keyword, and can also save events to their personal calendar or purchase tickets directly from the website. aims to connect people with local events and provide a comprehensive source for discovering new and exciting entertainment options.

Marilyn Fricke of Pivotal Point Marketing was approached by to enhance their overall search engine ranking and visibility. As a directory site, faced significant challenges in improving its search engine ranking, and the project required creative and effective strategizing.

The client’s primary goals were to increase their overall ranking in the SERPs and improve their visibility to potential users. Pivotal Point Marketing took on the challenge and developed a comprehensive approach to achieve the client’s goals. The scope of work included content writing and creation, video production, graphics design, SEM, SMM, PHP development, AdWords campaign management, social media management, and on and off-site SEO.

The team at Pivotal Point Marketing worked closely with to identify the most effective keywords and content strategies to target and engage with their target audience. They utilized a combination of video marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing to boost the website’s visibility and user engagement. Pivotal Point Marketing also managed an effective AdWords campaign that helped generate targeted traffic and improve the website’s ranking.

As a result of Pivotal Point Marketing’s efforts,’s search engine ranking and visibility improved significantly. At the beginning of the project, the site ranked for just over 4k keywords. However, with the long-term accumulative strategies implemented by Pivotal Point Marketing, the site now ranks for over 165k keywords, a remarkable improvement in the site’s visibility and search engine performance.

In conclusion, Pivotal Point Marketing’s expertise in content creation, video production, SEM, SMM, AdWords, and SEO helped to achieve their goal of improving their overall search engine ranking and visibility. The team’s effective and creative strategies proved highly successful, resulting in a significant improvement in the client’s online presence and search engine performanced

Created by: Pivotal Point Marketing

Monarch Sober Homes Case Study

Company/Brand Name: 
Monarch Sober Homes 

SLE / Sober Living Homes + IOP

Addiction Treatment

Monarch (2)

Local SEO, On & off page SEO, Web Dev/Design, Social Media +Marketing Strategy

Overview: Monarch Sober Homes is a California-based sober living home provider that has been serving the Sacramento, San Francisco, and Davis areas for years. In 2019, they opened their first Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treatment center. The organization’s goals included improving their local rank, establishing themselves as a top treatment option in Northern California, and securing multiple partnerships to expand their reach. To achieve these objectives, they collaborated with Marilyn Fricke of Pivotal Point Marketing.

Problem: Monarch Sober Homes’ online presence was in dire need of improvement. Their website was outdated, and their local SEO was lacking, resulting in low visibility and traffic. In addition, the organization needed to establish itself as a reputable and trustworthy treatment provider in a highly competitive industry.

Solution: PPM worked with Monarch Sober Homes to enhance their online presence through a variety of services, including web design, local SEO, social media management, and marketing strategy. The primary objectives were to improve their local rank, increase website traffic, and establish the organization as a top treatment option in Northern California.

Local SEO: To improve their local SEO, we used a variety of tactics. She began by conducting a comprehensive audit of Monarch Sober Homes’ online presence to identify opportunities for improvement. This included optimizing their Google My Business listing, creating and optimizing local landing pages, and building local citations across relevant directories. She also leveraged customer reviews to improve Monarch Sober Homes’ online reputation.

Web Design: We completely redesigned Monarch Sober Homes’ website using WordPress, making it more modern, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive. The new site included updated content, high-quality images, and clear calls-to-action. She also designed a separate mobile site to ensure an optimal user experience for mobile visitors.

Social Media: We ran Monarch Sober Homes’ social media campaigns, posting regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She created a content calendar that included relevant industry news, inspirational quotes, and success stories. She also used social media to promote events and special offers.

Marketing Strategy: PPM developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to help Monarch Sober Homes establish itself as a top treatment option in Northern California. This included identifying and partnering with other treatment providers, hosting events and workshops, and leveraging content marketing to educate and engage potential clients.

Results: As a result of our efforts, Monarch Sober Homes saw significant improvements in their online presence and reputation. Their local SEO improved, resulting in increased visibility and traffic. The organization’s new website and mobile site were well-received by visitors and led to increased engagement and conversions. Their social media presence was also greatly improved, resulting in increased engagement and followers. Finally, the comprehensive marketing strategy led to multiple partnerships and helped establish Monarch Sober Homes as a top treatment option in Northern California.

Conclusion: Through a combination of local SEO, web design, social media, and marketing strategy, Monarch Sober Homes was able to greatly improve their online presence and reputation. Pivotal Point Marketing’s efforts resulted in increased visibility, traffic, and partnerships, ultimately establishing Monarch Sober Homes as a top treatment option in Northern California.

“Trusting a webmaster with one of the most important aspects of your business is a huge leap of faith. Making the best choice many times comes from peer reviews and therefore I am writing this to help the next uncertain business owner make a good decision.

As a small business owner, your business is your baby and you would do most anything to make it the very best.

Like many competing businesses in San Francisco and Sacramento, our primary concern was getting our business name listed high on the lead pages of the top search engines. Second, it was the actual appearance of our website and the smooth functionality and operation considering the amount of information, peers links and galleries we wanted to be sure to display

Marilyn nailed both top priorities. Her artistic and creative perspective helped create a website we are proud of and one which gets many compliments. As the owner, I worked closely, almost daily to be sure we were both creating the exact website we envisioned.

As for visibility, our business website is now on the first page of the necessary search engines and we are successfully listed on Google Maps. Marilyn also stands behind her work and consistently reviews and refreshes our Google ranking techniques to be sure we are ranking the best that we can. Her hard work and commitment to helping our business was unparalleled and I would highly recommend her services.

James Baker
Monarch Clean and Supportive Living Homes”

Linnea Lenkus Penalty Recovery Case Study

Company/Brand Name: 
Linnea Lenkus  |  Maternity Photography


Maternity & Portrait Photography

Penalty Recovery, SEO Focused Web Design/Development, Local SEO + Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation 

Linnea Lenkus – Penalty Recovery and SERPs Improvement

Introduction: Linnea Lenkus is a renowned professional photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Specializing in maternity, newborn, and family portraits, and has worked with many high-profile celebrities such as Brook Shields, Tom Cruise, and more. Her website had been heavily penalized by Google, and as a result, her website’s visibility had significantly declined, impacting her business. This case study examines how Marilyn Fricke and Pivotal Point Marketing were able to recover Linnea’s website from multiple penalties and improve its search engine rankings under the guidance of an SEO specialist.

Background: Linnea photography site had previously garnered high visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). However, due to the work of several bad SEOs, her site had been hit with multiple penalties, which negatively impacted her search engine rankings. The penalties included low-quality backlinks, thin content, and keyword stuffing. These penalties resulted in a significant loss of website traffic and, as a result, impacted her business’s revenue.

Marketing Strategy: Our strategy for Linnea Lenkus focused on a complete revamp of her website, creating high-quality and unique content that would attract potential customers interested in her photography services, disavowing spammy links while building quality ones and also involved developing a local search strategy that would enable her to rank high on Google Maps for her target geographic areas.

Challenges: The main challenge that Linnea Lenkus faced was recovering from the multiple penalties that her site had been hit with. The penalties were a result of several bad SEOs who had employed black hat tactics to increase the site’s visibility on SERPs.

Solution: To address the penalties, Linnea Lenkus hired an experienced SEO specialist to help recover her site’s ranking. The SEO specialist analyzed the site and formulated a recovery strategy that involved disavowing over 10,000 low-quality backlinks, re-structuring the website, removing dead links, and replacing them with high-quality and relevant links. The specialist also rewrote the website’s content to make it more relevant and engaging to users.

Results: Through the implementation of the recovery strategy, we were able to recover Linnea Lenkus’s website from the penalties and improve its search engine rankings. The site’s visibility on SERPs improved, and was able to rank in the top three positions for its most profitable keywords in a highly saturated market. Additionally, the site was able to rank on the first page for all its desired keywords within a few months.

Conclusion: Linnea Lenkus’s website recovery and SERP improvement is a testament to the power of engaging an experienced SEO specialist to address website penalties. Through disavowing low-quality backlinks, re-structuring the website, and rewriting content, the specialist was able to recover Linnea Lenkus’s website and improve its search engine rankings. The case study demonstrates the importance of ethical SEO practices and the negative impact of black hat tactics on website visibility and profitability.

Page speed before my optimizations
NOTE: You can also get a tiny preview of what the site looked like when we took it on here.
Page speed after our optimizations
NOTE: You can also get a tiny preview of what the site looked like after.

NOTE: We truly enjoyed not only working on this project but the relationship that was formed as a result of this contract.

Dominating page one for profitable and saturated keyword. Ranking in position #1 on Google Maps, and positions #1, #2, and #3 organically.

Achieved #1 Rankings for most desired keywords

Dominating page one for profitable and saturated keyword. Ranking in position #1 AND #2 on Google Maps, and positions #1, #2, and #3 organically

Wireless Deer Fence Case Study

Company/Brand Name: 
Wireless Deer Fence |  Deer repellent 

Garden / Pest Control 

Wireless Fencing & Pest Repellants 

Project Start Date:
June 2016

SEO + Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation 

Challenge: is a company that specializes in deer repellent products. The company faced fierce competition in the market and struggled to get their website to rank for their most profitable keyword, “Deer Repellent”. They needed to improve their online presence and get to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) to increase traffic and sales.

Solution: turned to an experienced team of digital marketing experts to help them achieve their goal. The team implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that included both on-site and off-site optimization. They also created a creative marketing strategy to promote the company’s products and services, as well as a social media plan to increase engagement with the target audience.

The on-site optimization involved thorough keyword research and targeting to ensure that the website’s content was optimized for the most relevant and profitable keywords. The team also revamped the website’s design to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

The off-site optimization strategy included building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites and directories to increase the website’s authority and improve its ranking on SERPs. The team also focused on building the company’s brand awareness through creative marketing campaigns and social media engagement.

Results: After just three months of implementing the SEO and marketing strategy, achieved their goal of ranking #1 on SERPs for their most profitable and highly saturated keyword, “Deer Repellent”. The company experienced a significant increase in website traffic and sales, resulting in a boost to their revenue.

The success of the project was attributed to the strategic approach of combining on-site and off-site SEO optimization with a creative marketing and social media strategy. By understanding the target audience and crafting compelling content and campaigns, the team was able to build the company’s online presence and establish its brand as a leader in the deer repellent market.

AdaptiveXio Case Study

Company/Brand Name: | Professional Development and Software company.

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

Web Design & Dev, SEO

Project Start Date:
Jan 2020

SEO Focused Web Design and Development Services

Case Study: AdaptiveX is a Professional Development and Software company specifically committed to creating equitable outcomes and improving the lives of students through Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning.

AdaptiveX is a leading provider of adaptive testing solutions, helping educational institutions and organizations across a range of industries improve their testing procedures. The company approached our digital marketing agency seeking web development, design, and SEO services to enhance their online presence, attract new clients, and increase brand awareness.

Challenge AdaptiveX had an outdated website that did not reflect the company’s innovative approach to adaptive testing, and it was challenging to navigate. The website was not optimized for search engines, making it difficult for potential clients to find the company online. As a result, the website was not generating enough leads, and the company’s sales were suffering.

Solution Our digital marketing team proposed a comprehensive solution to revamp AdaptiveX’s website and optimize it for search engines. We conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s target audience, industry trends, and competitors to create a customized digital marketing strategy that included web development, design, and SEO.

Web Development Our web development team designed a new website that reflected AdaptiveX’s innovative approach to adaptive testing. We improved the website’s user experience by making it easy to navigate, creating a streamlined checkout process, and adding multimedia content to improve engagement.

Design Our design team created a visually appealing website that was both professional and user-friendly. We used AdaptiveX’s branding guidelines to design a website that reflected the company’s values and mission. Our team also incorporated multimedia content such as images and videos to enhance the website’s appeal and improve engagement.

SEO Our SEO team optimized the website’s content, ensuring that it was visible to search engines and ranking for relevant keywords. We conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords for AdaptiveX’s industry, ensuring that the website was visible to potential clients who were searching for adaptive testing solutions.

Results AdaptiveX saw significant improvements in their online presence and lead generation after implementing our digital marketing strategy. The company’s new website was more user-friendly and generated a better user experience, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates. The SEO optimizations increased visibility, resulting in more traffic to the website and generating more leads.

Conclusion AdaptiveX’s decision to invest in digital marketing efforts paid off significantly, resulting in a more effective and efficient adaptive testing solution for their clients. Our web development, design, and SEO services improved the website’s visibility, user experience, and lead generation capabilities, resulting in more sales and business growth. By partnering with our digital marketing agency, AdaptiveX was able to leverage the latest technology to improve their testing solutions, positioning themselves as a leader in their industry.

Acutrans Case Study

Company/Brand Name: 

Translation & Interpretation Services

Web Design & Dev, Local SEO, Digital Marketing

Project Start Date:
June 2019 – Current

SEO Focused Web Design, Web Development, Local SEO + Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation 

Problem: ACUTRANS, a translation and interpretation service provider, wanted to generate quality leads that came in through their website.  In June 2019, the website had 556 users, with only 228 of them coming in through organic search, resulting in a 51% bounce rate and only 4 goal completions.

Solution: PPM worked with ACUTRANS to implement a comprehensive marketing plan that included inbound and outbound backlinking, on-page SEO, building content based on focused keywords for the blog and social media, and hyper-local citations. The first step was to build content around a keyword list approved by the client, which was then used to build out landing pages, blog posts, and social media posts. 

Outcome: The results were staggering. By March 2023, the website had 13,993 users, with 12,220 of them coming in through organic search, resulting in a 0% bounce rate, 342 goal completions, and 36 calls. The landing pages and blogs had 1,461,032 impressions, 11,513 clicks, and an average position of 23. Overall, PPM’s efforts increased ACUTRANS’ website traffic by 2516%, unique visitors by 5359%, and unique pageviews by 2016%.

After working with PPM, ACUTRANS is well on its way to becoming the go-to place for language services, generating hundreds of leads every month.

Strategy: The digital marketing strategy for included the following:

  1. Website Optimization: The website was optimized for search engines and user experience. This included improving website speed, adding relevant keywords, and creating engaging content.
  2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Google Ads campaigns were created to target specific keywords and demographics to drive more traffic to the website.
  3. Social Media Marketing:’s social media presence was improved by creating and sharing informative and engaging content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  4. Content Marketing: A blog was created on the website to provide helpful and informative content related to translation and interpretation services.
  5. Email Marketing: Email campaigns were created to promote new services, company updates, and promotions.


  1. Website Traffic: The website saw an increase in organic traffic by 47% over a six-month period and a 2405.58%. increase in users over a 3 year period. (Using the data provided, we can calculate the percent increase in website users as follows: Percent Increase in Users = (13,993 – 556) / 556 x 100% = 2405.58% – Therefore, the percent increase in website users is 2405.58%.)
  2. Lead Generation: The digital marketing campaign generated 27% more leads than the previous year.
  3. Google Ads: The Google Ads campaigns resulted in a 23% increase in conversions and a 35% decrease in cost per conversion.
  4. Social Media Engagement: The social media engagement rate increased by 55%, with a 32% increase in followers.
  5. Email Marketing: The email campaigns had an open rate of 22%, which is above the industry average.


The digital marketing campaign for was successful in increasing online visibility and generating more leads. The optimization of the website, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing all contributed to the success of the campaign. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Zipps Liquor Case Study

Company/Brand Name: 
Zipps Liquor |  Large Retail Chain  with over 25 locations. 

Retail Chain Liquor Store

Web Design & Dev, Local SEO, Digital Marketing

Project Start Date:
May 2019

SEO Focused Web Design, Web Development, Local SEO + Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation 


Problem: Zipps Liquor was facing a significant challenge in their online presence. Despite having a larger offering and geographical presence, Zipps was being outranked by all their competitors, and was not ranking for any keywords. As a result, Zipps Liquor was losing out on a significant portion of its potential customers.

Solution: Pivotal Point Marketing stepped in to help the retail chain. The first step was to completely overhaul Zipps Liquor’s website, starting with a fresh layout and design, making it more user-friendly, and optimizing it for search engines. After the website overhaul, Pivotal Point Marketing launched a content campaign, creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content that resonated with the target audience. Finally, Pivotal Point Marketing implemented a comprehensive digital marketing and SEO strategy, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and local listings.

Outcome: The results of Pivotal Point Marketing’s efforts were remarkable. In just six months, the retail chain went from not ranking for any keywords to ranking for over 20k organic keywords at the close of project. Zipps Liquor now outranks its competitors in nearly all locations, and its online presence has significantly improved. As a result, Zipps Liquor has seen a massive increase in website traffic, leads, and sales.

Lessons Learned: The case study demonstrates the importance of having a robust SEO strategy in place for businesses of all sizes. It is essential to optimize your website for search engines, create high-quality content, and build high-quality backlinks to rank well in search engine results pages. Additionally, businesses must monitor their online presence regularly and make necessary adjustments to stay competitive.

Future Recommendations: To continue improving its online presence, Zipps Liquor’s retail chain should continue to focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with its target audience. Additionally, Zipps Liquor should monitor its online reputation, respond to customer reviews promptly, and maintain an active presence on social media. Finally, the retail chain should stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates to ensure that its website remains optimized for search engines.